Keyboard Shortcuts for Sublime Text

Keyboard shortcuts may differ between keyboard layouts. Mouseless is smart enough to show the exact keys according to your layout.


  • Select word D
  • Jump to closing parentheses M
  • Select all contents of the current parentheses M
  • Redo, or repeat last keyboard shortcut command Y
  • Paste and indent correctly V
  • Soft undo U
  • Column selection up
  • Column selection down


  • Select line L
  • Move selection up
  • Move selection down
  • Block comment current selection /
  • Select next auto-complete suggestion


  • Delete line X
  • Insert line after
  • Insert line before
  • Move line up
  • Move line down
  • Comment/un-comment current line /
  • Indent current line ]
  • Un-indent current line [
  • Duplicate line D
  • Join line below to the end of the current line J


  • Quick-open files by name P
  • Goto symbol R
  • Goto line in current file G


  • Command prompt P
  • Toggle side bar B
  • Show scope in status bar P


  • Find F
  • Replace F
  • Find in files F


  • Open last closed tab T
  • Cycle up through tabs
  • Cycle down through tabs

Split Window

  • Split view into two columns 2
  • Revert view to single column 1
  • Set view to grid (4 groups) 5
  • Jump to group 1 1
  • Move file to group 2 2


  • Toggle bookmark F2
  • Next bookmark F2
  • Previous bookmark F2
  • Clear bookmarks F2

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